Friday, July 11, 2014

Spanish Classroom Decor

Between my wedding business, teaching and daily life, I really never have the time to work on this blog or my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I'm trying though.  So, yesterday I finally put together some revisions of either products that I posted or have just used.  Take a look...

One of the classes I teach is a self-contained Spanish class which is more vocabulary driven, so I took the time to create these number posters that help not only the self-contained class but my level 1 and 2 classes as well.  

This is something new that I came up with for next year, my Spanish calendar.  I don't use a pocket chart, so I have no idea if the pieces would fit inside properly.  What I'm planning on doing is putting them on a blank bulletin board I have behind my desk.  It's actually an old chalkboard that was covered with masking tape rendering it useless.   So I stuck cork board onto so it can actually be used.  Right now it's covered with black and white polka dot wrapping paper, just waiting for something to go on top.  So, I came up with these calendar pieces that I'm likely going to tack up with these funky thumbtack hooks I found and then switch them out each day.  Since the theme of my classroom is aqua chevron and black and white polka dots (I can't pick just one), I made two versions in case I decide to move it to one of the chevron boards instead of the polka dot board.  Once I'm able to get into my classroom, I'll take some pictures.  :)

I'm going to be working on some more posters for my TPT store as soon as I get a chance, so stay tuned!


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