Monday, August 4, 2014

Supply Bin Labels

After seeing this post, I've been asked to share the labels I made for my supply bins and I'm happy to do so...for a limited time.  :)  So, right now I'm offering the label set in both Spanish and English in my TPT shop for free!  I'm going to be changing it soon, so make sure you act quickly and download away.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interactive Notebooks Printables

Just in time for tomorrow's TPT sale, I have included two of the items I use in my Interactive Notebooks with my students.  These are a little more dressed up (with chevron) than I used last year, but they are still the same basic idea.  

The first file is a Table of Contents.  I have my students cut these out and paste to the inside cover of the notebook.  All students need to do is cut out along the outer solid line around the Table of Contents and then fold along the dotted line on all pages.  They then just glue each on top of the other only along the dotted line and above (except the back page which is glued the length of the page to the inside cover of the notebook), so it creates a sort of flip book with numbers 1-50 as the top page and 151-200 as the bottom page.  You can see this in use here.

The second file is a Verb Conjugation Foldable that I use when teaching verbs.  Remember, I teach Spanish so I use this with my classes when teaching important verb conjugations.  Students need to cut around the black border of each chart.  Then they need to fold along the dotted line and cut up the black lines of each chart to create flaps.  I have my students write the subject pronouns on the top of each flap, the meanings in English of each verb form using the chart verb on the underside of each flap and the conjugation on the lined paper below each flap.  You can see examples of that here, again without the dressed up chevron that you see in the TPT file.

I don't know how many more printables I'll be introducing because honestly, I don't use that many.  As I've said in all of my other posts regarding Interactive Notebooks, I don't follow the whole left/right method and we really just use our notebooks for notes and a few activities.  So, that being the case, I don't need a whole lot of printables.  This may change as I develop more with the notebooks, but for now, I'm satisfied with these two and maybe one or two others thrown in.  We'll see what this year brings.

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