Monday, August 4, 2014

Supply Bin Labels

After seeing this post, I've been asked to share the labels I made for my supply bins and I'm happy to do so...for a limited time.  :)  So, right now I'm offering the label set in both Spanish and English in my TPT shop for free!  I'm going to be changing it soon, so make sure you act quickly and download away.  


  1. Just added this to my cart on TpT as I get ready to figure out how I will be setting up my room and incase I have to share I want to have my own space. Love it! I am curious...what do you use to make your graphics (and those signs?)? I know a lot of people make their printables in Power Point but I am curious about graphics and the backgrounds and stuff. I am trying to slowly learn this so I can make some of my own stuff!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually just use Pages (Mac's version of Word) for a lot of my stuff, but I also have Photoshop Elements that I tend to use from time to time and sometimes Keynote (Mac's version of PowerPoint).